Vasant Prakash Vikas Pratishthan's

Krishi Vigyan Kendra,

A/p. Kanchanpur, Taluka - Miraj, Dist. Sangli-416306

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The Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Kanchanpur, Sangli have majestic administrative building spread in 550 sq.m area having separate departments of all disciplines, a big training hall, well equipped soil & water testing laboratory, a course grain processing unit & library.




We also have well equipped soil & water testing laboratory were we test soil, water, leaf & petiole samples from farmers with minimal charges.  



 v    Basic Property Testing

F   PH

F   Electrical Conductivity

F   Organic Carbon &

F   Calcium Carbonate

v    Major Nutrients Testing

F   Available Nitrogen

F   Available Phosphorous

F   Available Potassium

v    Sample quantity for testing 1 kg

v    Testing charges Rs. 100/Sample

v    Fertilizer management of crops according to soil testing & Integrated Nutrient Management.



 v    Property Testing

F   PH

F   Electrical Conductivity

F   Cations Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium

F   Anions Carbonate, Bicarbonate, Chlorides

F   Sodium Absorption Ratio (SAR)

F   Residual Sodium Carbonate (RSC)

v    Sample quantity for testing 1 liter

v    Testing Charges Rs. 100/Sample.



 v    Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium

v    Testing Charges Rs. 150/Sample




          Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Kanchanpur, Sangli is also having Course Grain Processing Unit which is sponsored by State Agriculture Department under RKVY. Under this unit we have Destoner cum Grader cum Aspirator, Dehuller, Pulverizer, Flour Sifter for processing on Jawar, Bajra and Ragi. We also got Plastic packaging machine for packaging of value added products. We use this unit to train SHG women for self employment.




GOAT UNIT                      


KVK, Kanchanpur, Sangli also have well constructed Osmanabadi Goat Unit with 43.11 sq.m. plinth area. This unit is established in the year 2007 with breeding stock of 15 female + 1 male. We supply male goats to the farmers for breeding purpose & female kids to farmers, farm women, and rural youth to start their own goat unit. We also provide them all the technical know-how and help them to establish their own goat unit for self employment.





KVK, Kanchanpur, Sangli have nursery with 30 sq.m. plinth area. The main objective of this unit is

v    To provide good quality seedlings of recommended and locally suited varieties of different horticultural crops to the farmers in the Sangli district.

v    To develop rural entrepreneurship for self employment of rural youth.

v    To demonstrate various horticultural practices to the visiting farmers.


We have wide collection of mother plants of latest released varieties of horticultural plants. Farmers can purchase grafts of Mango (Keshar, Hapus, Doodhpedha), Lime (Kagzi), Sapota (Kallipatti), Guava (L-49/ Sardar), Custard Apple (Balanagar, Annona-2), Coconut (Banavali), Grape rootstock (Dogridge/Banglore Blue) etc. at reasonable rate.





We also have vermicompost unit established in the year 2006 with 50 sq.m. plinth area. We use this unit to demonstrate farmers the production of vermicompost & vermiwash which can be used for any horticultural and agronomical crops. Esenia Foetida is the commonly used earthwork variety in this area.





AZOLLA UNIT                  


KVK, Sangli also have Azolla unit. Azolla is a floating fern which resembles algae. It is rich in proteins, essential amino acids, vitamins, growth promoter intermediaries and minerals like calcium, phosphorous, potassium, ferrous, copper, magnesium. We use this unit to demonstrate azolla production to farmers which can be used as livestock feed.



-         Length: 7 ft.

-         Width: 4 ft.

-         Depth: 15 cm.

-         Culture required: 1 kg.


Use    - Live stock feed.




On KVK, Sangli field we also developed organic nutritional garden. This is ideal demonstration unit for women to produce healthy food for family members. Nimark, spodolure, helilure, lucinlure & white fly traps are used to control the diseases on vegetables. Seasonable vegetables are produced from this nutritional garden.


MINI DAL MILL               


KVK, Sangli also have mini dal mill & we arrange demonstrations of the same to SHG women visiting our campus. It consist of taper roller, elevator, aspirator, blower, cyclone, separator, replaceable three screen sieve unit, oil and water tank, screw conveyor etc.

v    Capable to make dal, sawwa number of pigion pea.

v    Capable to make mogar of green gram & black gram.

v    Capable to make chana dal




The Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Kanchanpur, Sangli possesses 20.658 ha of land which is fully under cultivation of crops relevant to the area. The main purpose of the farm is to demonstrate the latest horticultural and agronomical practices to the farmers. It also acts as a tool to do applied research on agricultural & horticultural technologies & undertake trials before their transfer to farmers. The farm has wide collection of latest released varieties of horticultural plants which is used as mother plants for horticultural crops such as Mango, Lime, Sapota, Guava, Custard Apple etc in KVK nursery.




          The Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Kanchanpur, Sangli has several farm implements such as Multicrop sprayer, Multicrop thrasher, Broad bed furrow sower, Rotavhator, Power weeder, Seed cum fertilizer drill machine, Leveler, Single pulty plough, Double pulty plough, Disk harrow, Blade harrow etc. Most of these are tractor drawn. KVK provides these farm implements to farmers on custom hire basis with minimal charges.






The Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Kanchanpur, Sangli has farmers hostel that can accommodate 20 farmers. The hostel rooms are well furnished. Farmers can use this hostel during training programmes at this campus.